Welcome to Black Diamond Firearms; your home for all things guns.
     Black Diamond Firearms is your personal  low-overhead, no frills, straight shooting gun dealer in the Inland Empire.
     Born out of a need for pressure- free decision making and an overall love of firearms.


Why Choose Black Diamond Firearms?     


    *     No cattle car feeling. We sit down one on one to discuss your firearm needs. 
          If you are  not sure what to purchase, we will ask you questions so that we can assist
          you in deciding which firearm is right for you and your purpose.

*  Knowledgeable staff. The owner has been shooting most of his life. He knows and understands most types of weaponry.

    *  Service after the sale. Call us with any questions that you may have concerning cleaning,
         sighting-in, or storage.

*  Focusing on you and your gun wants vs. selling something just to make a profit.


If you are purchasing a gun for protection, competitive shooting, hunting, general target shooting, or just all around plinking; Black Diamond Firearms is here for you.

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